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Sales Manager: Carrie Wu
Tel: +86-579-87187877
Fax: +86-579-87189877
Mobile: +86-13575697575
Wechat: bosengarden
 The company thrives on innovation. From our beginning, we built our name and following by providing innovative solutions to
 customersí» agricultural and turf care needs. We strive every day to develop exciting new products and services that deliver
 the ultimate in performance, productivity and convenience customers have come to expect.
 R&D Department
 Focused on advancing the company's innovation, R&D department has responsibility for developing technologies that benefit
 both customers and the environment. Comprised of a team of product development professionals, the department works for
 design new products, research trend of markets, develop technology and produce new models.
 New Products
 In the work of professionals, the department finishes several new products every year, such as Electric Lawn Mower, Robot
 Lawn Mower and Gasoline Lawn Mower.
 New Models
 Due to the development of market and feedback of customers, the department ameliorates old models, such as Chain saw
 and Brush Cutter. New models are welcomed by customers.
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